The team at Integrus Leadership is committed to providing leadership and organizational development solutions to Kingdom minded leaders who have a heart to impact the world. We are exchanging our lives to fulfill the mission of equipping and encouraging leaders who desire to be bold in their purpose and passionate about their influence.  

Integrus is the Greek translation of the word integrate – "to make into a whole by bringing all parts together, bringing unity to the parts to make a better whole." We believe that there are 4 key parts that must be integrated for an organization to be truly effective:



Unity – We facilitate the implementation of relational tools and processes throughout the organization.  

Alignment – We create greater organizational clarity and connection while identifying clear measurable action steps.

Growth – We are pioneering the science and mastering the art of developing high performers. 

Multiplication – We believe that a call to discipleship is a call to multiplication.




We will act in audacious faith – our heart is to make a massive impact on the Kingdom through our service to Christian leaders. We can’t afford to think small. If our dreams don’t intimidate us, they are an insult to God. We will set impossible goals, take bold steps, and watch God move.

We believe that hope is not a strategy – through a foundation of prayer we will be courageous, intentional, and strategic.

We will seek God, not opportunity – when we seek God we believe that opportunity will seek us. 

We are facilitators of a process, not vendors of a product – our mission is to equip and encourage others who share a Kingdom passion and purpose. Integrus Leadership doesn’t have clients or customers… Everyone we engage is a partner in this process.

We think inside the box – we embrace our limitations and never let what we cannot do hinder what we can, and are called, to do.



We remember that we will always be remembered – we will make a significant impact on all our partners and will be remembered for it. As fellow Christians, we realize that we will spend eternity with those we serve, therefore we are committed to modeling integrity, excellence, and humility in all we do. If we live with integrity, nothing else matters. If we don’t live with integrity, nothing else matters.

We are In-N-Out Burger, not Wendy's – we believe that simplicity empowers excellence.

We don’t make easy things hard – we run hot… life is short, eternity is long.  Our pace and priorities will reflect the urgency of our mission. 

We will laugh hard, loud, and often – the joy of the Lord will be our strength.

We will not take this for granted – we have the privilege of serving Christian leaders. This is a very high calling (2 Timothy 2:2), and we will embrace it with gratitude and relentlessness.


At Integrus, we believe that conversations change lives, not events. We prefer to facilitate conversations as opposed to holding seminars. We don’t do theoretical or motivational lectures. Instead, our one-day sessions are dynamic, skill driven, and participatory experiences. This way, all participants are actively engaged and feel as if they are being included in a conversation, not spectators at an event.